Pitchfork Music Festival in Union Park, Chicago on 07-20-14

Attending the last day of the 2014 Pitchfork Music Festival, my expectations were set high from the raving reviews I had previously read about the prior two days of the three-day music festival.

DIIV set the tone for the day through their raw and authentic musical talent. While continuously scanning for the love of my life, Sky Ferreira, who happens to be the girlfriend of DIIV’s lead signer Zachary Cole Smith, I noticed not one but a plethora of mosh pits breaking out around me. Playing one new song after another, DIIV demonstrated that their new material is on the brink of unimaginable success and that DIIV is growing into their stardom.

It seemed as if multiple mosh pits at any given artists’ set was a common theme for Sunday at Pitchfork. After canceling a leg of his tour but continuing to preform at Pitchfork, the crowd could have not been more amped to see the legendary Earl Sweatshirt preform on the last day of Pitchfork. Encouraging the audience to chant a rap regarding “soup in a mother f#@&ing bowl”, Earl Sweatshirt engaged with the audience in such a way that I could have sworn the bandana clad male that received a t-shirt from Earl had a tear in his eye. Later, I saw the individual wearing his new Earl apparel as he was leaving Pitchfork. It was undeniably the happiest day of his life.

Donning bucket hats left and right, it was easy to identify the Pitchfork attendees that were supporting Schoolboy Q. It was these individuals that could also be spotted mouthing every verse of Schoolboy Q’s beyond stellar set.

Pitchfork progressively got better as acts such as Real Estate, Grimes, and Kendrick Lamar preformed during the second portion of Pitchfork. While Real Estate and Grimes have undeniable talent and put on shows of a lifetime, the hype surrounding Kendrick’s show allowed Kendrick to have an edge on the other performers at Pitchfork.

The crowd at Kendrick was mesmerized by the artistic videos that were continuously playing behind Kendrick throughout his set. Failing to disappoint, Kendrick put on a show of a lifetime through his melodious abilities. The array of artists present at this fest gave it their all this Sunday, which resulted in sensational third day in Union Park.

Grace Farley

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