Halloween Pick: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness with Hunter Hunted at Vic Theatre (October 31, 2014)

Andrew McMahon

Andrew McMahon wouldn’t know how to stop making music even if he tried. Having been in different bands since he was in his early teens, from Something Corporate to Jack’s Mannequin and now making solo records, this week saw him release his highly anticipated new album Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. Fusing catchy melody over an ever present piano, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness has everything fans have come to expect from the great songwriter. Measured lyrics and careful attention to detail weave themselves throughout the album. However, the record is in many respects a departure from what Andrew has released before. With an experimental production style and decidedly modern pop edge, don’t be surprised if Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness manages to infiltrate the pop charts. –

Hunter Hunted

The band members are Dan Chang and Michael Garner. The Los Angeles duo weave intricate vocal harmonies and heart beat rhythms into voluminous, soaring songs that toe the line between California indie and folk rock.

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