Chillfest Chicago 2014 Concert Preview (November 15, 2014)

Chillfest Chicago 2014

The Soil & the Sun

Originally from Michigan, “the Soil & the Sun” are headlining the Chillfest after party at the Sub-T. What do they sound like? Think about a beautiful Pure Michigan commercial with images of beautiful land, mountainous hills, and the atmosphere of the Great Lakes. These images set the tone for the spiritual journey that you will feel when listening to their music speak to you. Rhythms that you cannot get out of your head, combined with heart-touching, soothing vocals offer a deep personal experience from the music that can be hard to come by these days!

Minor Characters

Hailing from Good Ole Chicago, Illinois comes “Minor Characters”, playing smooth indie pop. Their sound is extremely easy to listen to, and listeners at Chillfest will have no problem falling in love at first listen. They have begun to establish a following around the Midwest with shows in big cities such as Chicago and Madison. This exposure combined with their relaxing sound is the perfect recipe to catch a band before they make it big!


The 2012 album “Chasing the Sun” inspired a massive worldwide tour including stops in Australia, Glasgow, and plenty of destinations in-between. Their message of living while you are young brings you back, and offers a return to the punk-rock traits of the 1990s. A modern day, slightly calmer version of “Good Charlotte” is my best interpretation of their sound, which offers a way to “Chase the Sun” back to our past.

Matt Peters (PlaylistHQ Intern)

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