Review: Shame That Tune at The Hideout (November 14, 2014)

It’s a freezing night in Chicago and the cozy Hideout is warm and welcoming.   Tonight’s event is a comedy game show.  The idea of the show is someone will tell an embarrassing story, and then the piano player will write a song about it that goes to one of the songs on the wheel.  The wheel on stage has these options: Still The One by Shania Twain, Time of Your Life by Green Day, Time of My Life,  Jack and Diane, That’s Amore, It Was a Very Good Year by Sinatra, Golden Girls Theme, ?, Forever Young, Wind Beneath My Wings, Winds of Change,  and Changes by Bowie.

The first guest told a story about her Italian Dad.  The second story was about attending a Richard Simmons workout session with the main himself hitting on him.  The third and final story involved sneezing on a window as Lady Gaga walked by.  The wheel had chosen Changes, and it was hilariously renamed to Contagious! While leaving I found myself singing to myself, C-C-Contagious!

Today’s show was their 50th show.  It was clear this night that it has lasted due to a great format and the creative co-hosts, Brian Costello and Abraham Levitan.  Be sure to catch this monthly show the next time on Friday, December 12th!

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