Review: Hey Rosetta! and Stars at the Vic Theatre (November 21, 2014)

It may be cold in Chicago, but Hey Rosetta! won’t complain.  They’re from Canada after all.  The septet rocked through their set, including a handful of songs from their latest album, Second Sight.  The album has been released in Canada, but not yet in the United States.  Spotify will let you see the album and it’s tracks, but will display an error message for American users until the album is officially released here.  However, the album is for sale at the merch booth, as the lead singer mentions.

In the middle of their set, they play one of their biggest hits, “Young Glass”. This song features a catchy hook with a slow start.  It gradually builds to a great climax.  In a live settings, it’s exciting to watch as each band member goes from just watching to joining the song.  This is Hey Rosetta! at their best.

Up second was Stars.  They are also from Canada, but the similarities to Hey Rosetta! end there.  Their sound is much more electronic pop as evidenced by their opening song, “From The Night”.  This didn’t seem like to greatest match.  It’s always an interesting experience attending a show for the opener.  For the first half of the night you are in the minority of people dancing around and then the second you are one of the few not dancing.  It is one of the goals of PlaylistHQ to introduce fans to the opener ahead of the show by automatically including their songs in the playlist.  A show is always best when you are a fan of all the bands!


See the preview post here.

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