Comedy Review: Toys 4 Tots Comedy Show at The Comedy Store in La Jolla, CA

It’s a dry night in San Diego after a few rare days of rain.  The plants are fully soaking it in and the air feels fresh. Upon entering The Comedy Store, the bouncer informs you not to heckle and that there is a two drink minimum.  On the wall just inside the door is a definition of heckle.  In a Google review of the club, the writer mentioned that the staff took care of a rude audience member.  They don’t mess around.

Tonight’s performance is a special event called Toys 4 Tots sponsored by The Marines.  A donation of $10 or a children’s toy gets you in for the night.  We are guided to our table on the right side, directly under a vent blowing cold air.  If you are cold and shivering, you won’t fall asleep!  Lou is playing lounge music until the start of the show when he announces the first comic.

The comedian takes the stage.  He says “you may recognize me as the man who showed you to your seats!”  He says he didn’t imagine this is where he would be five years after starting in comedy, but he’s having fun anyways.

The second act is the oldest one to take the stage that night.  His style of comedy is old school, delivering one liners, mostly about his age.  Some may say it was so bad it was funny.  Whether he was in the joke was hard to tell.

The host for the night is a local radio DJ, Woods from 94.9.  The loudest laugh from his first joke is from a lady sitting on the left side.  He explains that is his possible future mother in law.  And sitting next to her is his girlfriend.  He is 39 and she is 25.  Being a radio DJ used to make you famous, he says, but now at least he still has a hot young girlfriend.  Later on, a comic finishes his set and looks for Woods to hand off the mic.  Apparently he has left and Lou steps in and announces the next comic.

The next comic is pissed off.  He says he hates radio DJs.  He goes on about this and begins to lose the audience.  He explains he’s annoyed he left before his introduction and smartly moves on.  It wasn’t a classy move for Woods to skip out, but calling attention to it wasn’t the right move.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable night.  A few large boxes filled to the top with toys were visible as you left the comedy club and entered the warm San Diego air.  It’s great to be in Southern California in December!

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