A Fine Christmas Tradition: Scott Lucas and the Married Men with Wolvereen at The Hideout

It’s a cold December night in Chicago.  However, the crowd has become adjusted to the weather and no complaints are heard as they shuffle in to see the fifth annual Scott Lucas and The Married Men Christmas Show at The Hideout.  Wolvereen, formerly known as Purple Apple, are first to take the stage.  These four girls rock out to some Christmas classics mixed in with originals.  One of the best moments is when a few children are invited on stage to sing  “I’m Getting Nothing for Christmas.”  They sing the first part and then leave the stage.  The lead singer then says, “We’re not finished yet!” and launches into a heavy rock version of the song strongly contrasting the cute version just sang.  It was very well done.

Next up, The Married Men take the stage.  They follow the same strategy of rocking Christmas songs mixed with originals.  Midway through the set, Scott Lucas adopts a very low growling voice.  It seems very strange until he begins singing the next song, “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” as performed by Thurl Ravenscroft in the original TV Soundtrack.  His re-creation is spot on.  Later on the rock is kicked up a notch as they play “Run Run Rudolph”, which was originally recorded in 1958 by Chuck Berry.  To close out their set, they invited Wolvereen back on stage.  They go on to perform a fantastic version of Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), with the girls singing backup vocals.  It’s a great finish to what the lead singer of Wolvereen calls, “The Best Show of the Year!”

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