Comedy Review: Trap at iO in The Mission Theater

The iO has relocated to West Old Town from its former location in Wrigleyville.  The new building looks fantastic.  Upon entering you see a large bar which is perfect for grabbing a drink before and after a show.  Second City should take note.  Tonight’s show is in The Mission Theatre, located just down the hall covered with pictures of famous alumni.  The theatre has 144 seats and stadium seating, so there isn’t a bad view in the house.  Upon being seated, a waiter gave us a drink and food menu.  At past shows, someone quickly returned and asked for our order, but on this night, nobody stopped by our table the entire evening.

Trap is a two act sketch review with a few improv scenes tossed in the middle.  The opening scene features a man threatening to blow up a building.  Various characters speak to him via a megaphone.  The best is a standup comedian who says he needs to do every open mic he can find.  This earns a great laugh from the audience.  Later on is a scene of an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s who is asking for donations door to door.  The resident answers the door and soon dismisses her.  She quickly returns and the resident informs her that she was just here.  “I know, you inconsiderate asshole.  Your dome light is on in your Honda! Geez!”

The best dramatic scene featured a woman being chased by a killer in the woods.  The lights were completely turned off and all that could be seen was the flashlight of the madman. It was a very intense atmosphere as the actress portrayed real fear and loud screams.  The scene ended with a one liner, which seemed very out of place for the mood created.

Overall, it was an entertaining show, but the price of $20 is a bit steep.  Most shows at the iO are closer to $10, and this one should be the same.


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