Review: New Material Night at The Laugh Factory (December 30, 2014)

It’s the eve of New Years Eve in Chicago.  Most people are taking it easy to prepare for the parties the next night, but the Laugh Factory in Chicago manages to almost fill the house.  Tonight’s event is New Material Night hosted by Chris Bader.  The comics are encouraged to do new material.  Most of the acts choose to do a mix.

One of the first comedians does a bit about video games.  He says if you play them too often, they start to feel like a job.  “The boss is really hounding me to level up! I just need 17 more crystals for that plasma gun, but I just want to sleep in today!”  Later on he describes how Facebook only makes him sad.  Here is a  bit of advice for him.  Instead of making games feel like work, he should try to make work feel like a game!  Also, just stick with Twitter.

Another comic comes on and announces he is from Morgantown, West Virginia.  Someone shouts out “GO WVU!”  He says, “thanks, I didn’t know there was a university there!”

The final act opens with a bit about being friends with his ex-girlfriend.  He really enjoys looking at pictures to see how fat and ugly… their kid got.  The audience really enjoyed that one.  He closed with a story about Craigslist missed connections.  He always wanted to find one about him.  His friend alerts him one day that his wish has come true.  The post describes him perfectly.  Then, at the end, it says the writer is looking for the comic that came on stage right after him.  “Oh well,” he says, “at least I was mentioned!”

All in all, even though the two drink minimum is a bit annoying, it was a very fun and funny night.  The Laugh Factory is quickly becoming a staple in the Chicago Comedy Scene.


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