A Slow Burn Keeps the Hall Warm All Night: Bahamas with David McMillan at Lincoln Hall (January 30, 2015)

Welcome to Lincoln Hall, one of Chicago’s best midsize music venues.  It’s ideal for catching an intimate performance of some of the best up and coming bands.  This venue opened in 2009 with a crisp, modern look and fantastic acoustics.

First on the stage is David McMillin of Fort Frances.  He announces his song, Plastic Hearts, is going to be featured on The 100 on CW.  He doesn’t recommend watching the show, but if you do, you may hear his song playing in the background at a bar.

Next up is Bahamas.  They start with a fan favorite, “Never Again”.  Though, to say it is a fan favorite doesn’t single it out as the crowd loves all the songs they play; as their latest album (Bahamas is Afie) points out. Afie Jurvanen, lead singer and founder of the band, informs the crowd he is from Canada, home of Strange Brew and SCTV. He responds to the crowd’s question about Al Jackson with a definitive NO. These delightful interactions with the audience make his live shows very intimate.  He makes the audience all feel like his friends.  In reference to their soft rock sound, he says, “We are heating up now. We like to burn at a slow medium heat and keep it there, for a long time.” While introducing “Stronger Than That”, he mentions he recorded the song many ways.  Someone yells out “50 ways?” He quickly responds, “No.  I remember you from Milwaukee, and I see you brought your joke with you.”  The audience cracks up.  “Thanks for coming again”, he smoothly adds.  They close the set with “Lost in the Light”, the biggest hit from the Barchords album.  Everyone sings along happily to this fantastically written and perfectly performed song.


After they leave the stage, nobody heads for the exit.  The entire crowd demands more and the band is met with a loud applause when they return.  The close out the night with the song currently getting airplay on XRT, “All The Time”. This song encapsulates the best of Bahamas: catchy riffs, outstanding backup vocals (Felicity Williams), and quirky guitar solo to boot.  It’s the whole package and is definitely a must see act!

Quinn Delaney

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