Finely Tuned Rock and Roll: The Whigs with Ballroom Boxer at The Beat Kitchen (January 30, 2015)

The Beat Kitchen is packed tonight. A shoulder-to-shoulder crowd fills up the small venue, their faces taking on a reddish tint from the pink lights that snake across the ceiling. As they enter, they shed their coats on hooks along the wall, one piled on another, and then head to one of the two bars.

Ballroom Boxer, a five-piece indie rock band, takes the stage. They perform a solid set including an excellent cover — King of Leon’s “Molly’s Chambers.”

After a short break, the theme song of the Atlanta Braves (The Whigs hometown team) plays over the speakers.  The crowd does the chopping motion as the band takes the stage.  They get into position and it’s straight to the business at hand, rock.  They play through their set with barely a break. Toward the end of the night, the lead singer pays homage to the Beat Kitchen — the location of the band’s first Chicago gig, 11 years ago. Surveying the packed crowd, he says the turn-out is quite an improvement from the mere 15 fans that had first showed up over a decade ago. Now, their time on the road has allowed them to hone their skills and produce a finely tuned rock and roll show — which definitely deserves a full house.


(David Bowie cover)

Quinn Delaney

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