Musical Comedy at It’s Best: Cupid Has A Heart On at Stage 773 (February 21, 2015)

Tonight’s show is Cupid Has a Heart On at Stage 773. While the crowd is shuffling in, one of the actors is conversing with audience members while another is handing out raffle tickets for a free CD. This early interaction is common for this show which breaks through the fourth wall constantly. In one scene, an actress pulls up a male audience member and proceeds to tie him to a chair. As he makes shocked expressions, she sings about making sure nobody else can have her man, in a light and playful tone. This contrast plays very well, and it is highlighted by a few lines in a very sinister voice.

Midway through the first of two sets, the actor wearing a sling says he needs to leave because he is in a lot of pain. As he walks out, he stops in front of a woman in the front row. He pauses as he looks her up and down. The audience waits in anticipation. Finally, he sings and asks for a small favor. He needs help due to his injury, as there are some things he just can’t quite do. He pauses again nervously, and then he asks her to tie his shoe! He thanks her and then walks away, only to return shortly with another request. He shyly asks, “Will you scratch my back?” She complies again, and he again leaves. He soon returns with one final request. “Take off my pants!!” She is reluctant at first, but then she does. Right away, all the male actors line up to have their pants removed! As she is taking off all their pants, the lights go off as the audience is in a roar! A fantastic scene pulled off with charm, grace, style, and great vocal talent.

There are many more scenes with just as much laughter and display of musical talent. Men in Speedos, parental intercourse, live guitars, ukuleles, piano, and lots of butt sex are just few of the topics explored. The audience was laughing and applauding the entire show, and you will too. Don’t miss this show!

Quinn Delaney

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