The Best of Ska: The Slackers with On Your Marx and LVDP Sound System at Reggie’s Rock Club (March 21, 2015)

LVDP (Los Vicios de Papá , roughly “father’s vices”) Sound System from Chicago’s South Side is the first to take the stage.  Their blend of ska, reggae, and hip hop results in an energetic atmosphere.  The band is composed of bongos, saxophone, trumpet, bass, keys, guitar, and vocals.  They sing in Spanish, so you may not know the words they are saying, but you can feel their intensity.

Second on the stage is On Your Marx, also from Chicago.  They fill the stage with a full horn section (two saxophones, trumpet, and trombone), drums, bass, keys, guitar, and vocals.  The dual female vocals are unique in the ska scene and they add a great sound to the solid instrumental performance.  They mix Please Do Not Go by The Violent Femmes seamlessly into one of their songs.  A deeper cut from the superb self-titled album, this cover was a great choice that they pulled in and played it with their sound.

To close out the night, The Slackers from New York City come out to a grand applause.  These are the veterans of the evening, having been a band for 21 years now. This long tenure has allowed them to develop quite a range- from a slow, smooth reggae beat to a punk ska frenzy. The band leader, Vic Ruggiero, guides the audience perfectly through this journey with clever introductions to the songs.  It’s a professionally refined show and a great example of the best of ska / reggae today.

Ticket Price: $15

PlaylistHQ Value: $20

Quinn Delaney

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