Rocking Day One! Hogs for the Cause 2015 at New Orleans City Park (March 27, 2015)

To open up Hogs for the Cause 2015, The Wooden Wings take the side stage promptly at 4:30pm. Their upbeat song gets this two day BBQ festival in City Park off to a good start. The two lead female singers do a fantastic cover of Zombies by the Cranberries. The temperature is an even 70 degrees and sunny, the best weather this festival has had in the past few years.

Next, on the side stage, 35 minutes after their scheduled start time: “Sorry we are late. We’re Moon Hooch!” Two saxophones duel while the drummer keeps the beat. At one point, a large traffic cone is stuck into the end of a sax which significantly lowers the sound and creates quite a visual.

Strand of Oaks starts playing on the other stage before Moon Hooch finishes. Their blend of folk rock sounds like a mix of My Morning Jacket and War on Drugs. Goshen ’97 gets the crowd moving. Timothy Showalter, the songwriter and producer, is originally from Indiana, but he now calls Philadelphia home. During the show he comments how nice of a day it is and how he doesn’t want to leave. An audience member yells, “So don’t!” It’s clear that they are making new fans today.

Earphunk are the next band to rock the Festival Grounds. The self described Prog-Funk band bring the grooves. They lay down long jams that get the whole crowd dancing. The hula hoops and the glow sticks come out. Midway through the set, they play Whipping Post by The Allman Brothers Band and proceed to do an excellent extended jam from it. The crowd is loving this hometown band and happily sings along to their final song “I Won’t Work No 9 to 5”.

It was an excellent first day where the crowds were a perfect size and none of the lines were very long. Be sure to catch day two today!

Quinn Delaney

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