Second City Does Online Dating! #DateMe: An OKCupid Experiment at Up Comedy Club (April 16, 2015)

#DateMe explores a very fertile ground for comedy, online dating. The dialogue is from actual conversations on OKCupid that the creator, Robyn Lynne Norris, had with daters.  One of the 38 fake characters she created was named TracyLovesCats.  A hilarious scene plays out where Tracy is chasing a laser pointer controlled by her date.  Eventually, he points the laser the laser dot to his crotch as he lures her off stage.  The scenes range from the dramatic to the obscene.  For example, one dater sent multiple messages without any response with the final one saying “Just let me know what’s up. I don’t like games.”  And on the other end of the spectrum is some very graphic sexual language.

Norris also created a few male characters with her co-experimenter, Bob Ladewig.  One of them has a profile picture of a guy holding a wedding ring named MarryMeNowStat.   The actors had to pause as the audience erupted in laughter at this introduction.  Midway through the show, two single members of the crowd are interviewed as if filling out a dating profile.  The actors go on to portray what their first date would be like.  It’s this mixing improv within a mostly scripted show that Second City does so well.  It’s a perfect blend.  For everyone who has ever dated online, and those who have dated offline, this show is a must see!

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