Improv Pick of the Weekend: Terrible People, The Soup of the Day, Facklis & Hildreth at Annoyance Theatre (April 25, 2015)

Terrible People

Founded in 2014 at The Second City Chicago, “Terrible People” has one common goal: to expose the inherent humanity in the people & situations that exist in life’s moral gray spaces – between what’s right & what’s wrong.  Blending dramatic improvisation with a dose of reality, Terrible People draws on real life current events to explore the more complex, often troubling aspects of human nature.

The Soup of The Day

The Soup Of The Day is a dramatic duo driven by the curiosity of what is actually about to happen next. They are excited to share whatever that may be with you.  Andreas Södermark is an improviser from the igloos of northern Sweden. He enjoys dark chocolate with raspberries and finding out what happens beyond the need for laughs.  Esteban Reyna is a performer and currently lives in Chicago, where he takes improv classes and eats chicken and waffle pizzas. He is proud to be performing in a 2-Person Team this year with Andreas. Play on!

Facklis and Hildreth

These two veterans take your suggestion and then take their time. Weaving stories built on characters.

Dina Facklis recently founded and serves as the creative director at The Chicago Improv Den.  She also performed and directed for the Second City TourCo/Theatricals, and enjoys being a teacher and performer at iO Chicago.  John Hildreth is an alumnus of the Second City, and currently an instructor at the Second City Training Center and in the theater department at Columbia College Chicago.  Dina and John started performing together on a whim in 2012, and kept performing together because it felt wonderful.  They’ve enjoyed runs at iO Chicago, the Upstairs Gallery, and Second City’s de Maat Studio Theatre.  Both are thrilled to return to CIF this year in the dramatic improv category.

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