The Next Fleetwood Mac: Delta Rae at the Metro (April 24, 2015)

Delta Rae has drawn a sizable crowd to the Metro tonight.  They quickly get the audience singing along to their rocking Americana sound.  Midway through the set, they play the melody to “Born in the USA” as an intro to Bethlehem Steel. It’s a nice fit as the song starts “A child was born in Bethlehem.” Later on they play “If I Loved You” while the song of the same name is being performed across town at the Lyric Opera in Carousel.  The difference is that in Delta Rae’s version, she never falls in love.

To close out the set, they play Bottom of the River.  With just singing and percussion, including a large metal chain being slammed onto a steel can, a dark and beautiful performance is created.  After a short break, they return to play Chandelier by Sia.  It’s an excellent match for the female singers in the band.  They close out the night on “Dancing in the Graveyard” with the lanterns surrounding the audience and the lights on the trees flashing along to the music.  It’s the end of a fantastic concert of one amazing song after another reminiscent of the awesome shows put on Fleetwood Mac! (Note: Lindsey Buckingham is featured on their recording of “If I Loved You”)

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