the tim & micah project: SELF TITLED at Donny’s Skybox (May 9, 2015)

Don’t capitalize my name when you say it!” says micah to Tim. How can you tell when someone says your name with a capital letter at the front? Who knows and that’s what makes this scene so funny. Later in the performance, micah and Tim come out as a flag waving group, like a color guard at a high school football game. Then, two other actors enter the audience from the entrance and say “Oh no, we are late! What’s going on?” They go on to argue about who wanted to come to the show and other relationship issues. The audience is laughing the whole time at this very meta comedy. Then, in an interesting twist, the late arrivers go on stage and the flag wavers enter the audience and begin complaining to each other as if they were the ones attending the show. This is great live theatre that keeps the crowd at full attention which is required to follow along. After 45 minutes, the show closes. The time flew by fast and left everyone wanting more, which is a great sign that the show is strong.

Quinn Delaney

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