Indie Synth Pop: Geographer at Lincoln Hall (May 12, 2015)

Geographer sounds a lot like Hot Chip and Cut Copy.  They are all a mix of indie rock, dance music, and synth pop.  Tonight, Geographer opens with a string of songs from their new album, Ghost Modern.  It features solid synth melodies that the lead singer, Mike Deni, smoothly sings over.  The highlight of the show is when they play Kites ( Deni starts by recording the melody at a slow pace on a small synth.  Once it is recorded, he just presses one button repeatedly which plays the notes at the pace he hits the button.  It allows him to play the notes very quickly as he sings.  When the full band joins in, the whole audience begins dancing around.  It’s a great build that leads to a fantastic payoff.

After the audience demands an encore, Deni returns with an acoustic guitar.  He says he is afraid to play this song most of the time because he doesn’t think the crowd will be quiet enough.  But at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, he has everyone’s attention and it’s the perfect place for a solo song.  This band from San Francisco has found a second home in the Windy City and we believe them when they say they’ll be back soon!

Quinn Delaney

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