Rising Comedic Star: Brent Morin at Up Comedy Club (May 14, 2015)

Brent Morin is best known for his leading role on NBC’s Undateable, but his stand up comedy is earning him a lot of fans too.  Tonight, he tells the story about getting dumped for a magician. Brent exclaims “You could just say guy! No need to bring magic into this conversation!” Later that night, he decides to watch the British X factor and have a good cry before going to sleep.  In this episode, there is an orphan that has no name. Brent cries out to the television, “You can give yourself a name! I’ll call you Brent! I’ll take a train to London to find you and we’ll be a pair of Brents!” The reference to the train to London was one of many callbacks perfectly executed this night that had the audience in stiches.  As he is watching the show, his roommate walks in!  The roommate immediately exits upon seeing Morin in tears.

The whole set is one long conversation with the audience.  Whenever Brent fumbles over a word, he tells us that he pictures a foreman at a construction site yelling at his brain: “I need words! Words! Something!” On a side note, this concept is the basis for the new movie, Inside Out. All in all, the set is a solidly polished act. The audience was laughing the entire time and it is clear Brent Morin has a bright future ahead of him in the world of comedy.

Quinn Delaney

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