All Ages Rock: Walk Off the Earth at Bottom Lounge (May 19, 2015)

The house lights turn off and the band enters. They are wearing black hoodies and they all start playing drums or trumpets. This great intro launches their set of original songs and covers. The atmosphere is family friendly as the audience ranges from tweens to grandparents. The band’s cover of Pharrel William’s “Happy” pleases everyone. When the whole band circles around one guitar, the crowd responds by pushing closer to the stage. The band plays a medley of Someone I Used to Know mixed with Rude and a few other songs. This combination of songs is a tribute to the bands viral video, which currently has over 165 million views.

After the band leaves the stage, the crowd chants “Sing it all away, sing it all away my darlings!” The band had taught the audience this part of their song Sing It All Away earlier in the night. When the audience is singing on their own, it has the feeling of a church concert.  The band returns to the stage and play a fantastic encore. The encore includes their most popular song, Red Hands and is accompanied by a bunch of large balloons being released from the back of the room. The whole experience is a joy for fans of all ages!

Quinn Delaney

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