Master of His Craft: Bahamas at the Metro (June 11, 2015)

A Bahamas concert is not just an audience watching a band perform. It is an interactive celebration of music.  After this talented musician finishes one of his songs, there is a short pause and he starts it back up again. Afie Jurvanen says he could go on and play this melody for 20 minutes straight like The National.  It’s just that good, he says.  Later on, during one of the sparse solos, one note is played expressively and the crowd goes wild.  This gifted guitarist doesn’t need a rapid fire string of tones, he only needs one note. To close out the set, he plays Lost in the Light.  It’s a beautiful song that features his slick guitar playing along with the female singer’s magnificent voice which is pure delight for the appreciative crowd.

When Jurvanen returns to the stage, he comments on how silly the encore process has become in that it is now expected. However, he says, it does allow the band to check their text messages! This engaging band closes out the night with All The Time. “I had all the time in the world; you wanted none of that.” Afie has captured that melancholy feeling perfectly with the tone of this song. This brilliant musician is a master of his craft and puts on one hell of a show! Catch him live whenever you can!

Quinn Delaney

See our review of his Lincoln Hall show in January:

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