Review: Railway Gamblers at Harte’s (July 10, 2015)

Railway Gamblers released their new album Heart of the Sun with a party on Friday at Harte’s in Chicago. Railway Gamblers describe themselves as a four-piece folk rock and blues group. Brendan Folliard (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Piano), Matt Fricks (Electric Guitar, Effects), Joe Sexton (Bass, Vocal Harmonies),  and Sean Wilmsen (Drums, Percussion, Vocals) make up this talented quartet.

Watching Railway Gamblers perform was refreshing. It’s nice to occasionally get away from the mainstream music and listen to a group that puts their heart into the original music they’ve written. These guys possess an incredible talent in music writing and performing. The energy in the venue was incredible. Everyone in the audience was swaying, dancing, and really enjoying the beautifully crafted music. One of the favorite songs of the night was “Colorado”. With a more upbeat tempo, it was impossible not to dance and clap along.

I went into this show not knowing who these guys were, and left as a huge fan! My only regret of the night is not stopping to buy the album. They’re on Spotify, so I definitely recommend giving them a listen! If you have the chance, check them out on August 7 at Rossaroo Music Festival or on August 29 at Double Door in Chicago.

See the setlist here

Elyse Link

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