Review: Evening Darling at the Throne Room (July 18, 2015)

It’s 10pm on a Friday night in Chicago and the Throne Room is packed. This intimate venue is filled with fans of Evening Darling (formerly The Hunting Party) from New York City. Erica Lane’s energy is instantly apparent as she leads the band through one of their catchiest songs, “To Be Us”. Later on, the band says they are going to play a new song.  Someone shouts, “What’s it called?” The band looks at each other, and then Lane says “Live Where You Lay”.  They just named the song! The lead singer explains that they usually don’t decide the name of the song until they record it in the studio. It’s a fantastic song that exemplifies the new direction they are taking (hence the new band name for a fresh start). Catch them on tour now:!

See the full setlist here.

Quinn Delaney (Founder)

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