Feel the Love: Norm MacDonald at City Winery (August 21, 2015)

Norm MacDonald is all about the love. He says he loves this moment, right now, standing on stage telling stories and jokes. Memories about the past are foggy and unreliable. Who knows what the future will hold. The audience is in full agreement as they laugh and cheer him along. Whenever a performer is enjoying himself on stage, it’s sure to be a great show.

Towards the end of the set, he gets the light indicating it’s time for him to wrap it up. He acknowledges it but doesn’t slow down so they give him the light again. He’s having a great time and would probably go all night long if they let him. He asks for permission to say two final jokes, even though he is past time. The crowd cheers and he gets the go ahead. The final joke is from his son. Roses are grey, violets are grey, everything is grey, because I’m a dog! It was a quirky close to a fabulous show at a great venue for live comedy, City Winery.

Listen to his album, Me Doing Standup, here.

Quinn Delaney

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