Glam Rock at It’s Best: The Struts at Lincoln Hall (September 15, 2015)

As soon as The Struts take the stage, it’s clear this is no ordinary band. It’s a full on glam rock band in the vein of The Darkness about to put on one hell of a show. Early in their set they play, Could Have Been Me and the crowd starts dancing and singing along. The song sounds strong and fresh and yet still similar to classic rock songs. It’s the sign of a fantastically written song that is timeless.

Luke Spiller, the lead singer, comes down into the crowd and instructs everyone to make a gap down the middle. He pits the left side against the right side in a loudness competition followed by a call and response segment where everyone sings what he just sang. It’s the same style that is used in Put Your Money on Me. Oh yeah! This highly interactive environment is maintained for the entire show.

The combination of their over-sized stage presence and fantastic songs is skyrocketing their well deserved popularity. Catch them on tour now in small venues now while you still can!

Quinn Delaney

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