Fun Rock: ROAR at Double Door (October 14, 2015)

Carly Meyers, lead singer of ROAR, is a ball of constant energy. She tells the crowd early on, “If wasn’t for you guys listening to our music, I’d be in a straitjacket!”  After watching her dance frenetically around the stage while either singing or playing the trombone or xylophone, you might come to believe her. Adam Gertner also brings intensity, working up quite a sweat while playing the drums and sampler. Their high energy and radiant joy – they both have seem to have ear-to-ear grins throughout the show – quickly spreads to the audience. Upon downsizing from a trio to a duo, they transformed from Yojimbo to ROAR, a name that suits their sound perfectly. Catch them on tour now with ALO!

Quinn Delaney

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