Review: Cashmere Cat at Canopy Club (October 15, 2015)

Hands were up in the air for Cashmere Cat on Thursday night. The mood started out very laid back as he played some of his slower, smooth tracks, but as the night went on the atmosphere quickly turned into a party scene. Playing tracks infused with colorful beats, it was clearly a night for non-stop dancing. By mixing electronics, hip-hop, and pop components, Cashmere Cat’s music is not only magical, but can mold to almost anyone’s taste in music. After seeing how he lit up a room of people and controlled the energy by literally a touch of a button, there was no doubt that Cashmere Cat is passionate about what he does. His impressive performance is one that will never leave my mind and I hope to see him again in the near future.

Hailey Reilly

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