Hilarious! Underscore Theatre Presents The Story of a Story (The Untold Story) at Chopin Theatre (October 19. 2015)

Watching live theatre on a Monday night is rare in the city of Chicago as it’s usually a night off for performers. However, an audience of performers is ideal for this show about shows. This musical comedy is filled with tongue-in-check jokes including a running gag about not being able to see someone dressed all in black (aka stage hands or a puppeteer). The performers also make fun of many clichéd characters such as the cop that is retiring in 3 days and is too old for this $&^#, sexy Spanish guitar players, princesses, and many many more two dimensional characters.  The two main characters are coworkers trying to avoid an office romance and thus becoming another cliché. “You only date a coworker if you are looking for an excuse to quit in 6 months!” Will they or won’t they? Find out now at the Chopin Theatre through November 8th!

Quinn Delaney

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