Victorious: The Darkness at the House Of Blues (October 20, 2015)

The lead singer of the Darkness, Justin Hawkins, enters the stage wearing a stylish white and black striped sport coat. Before long, he removes the coat and is just wearing suspenders and pants, both black and white striped. It’s a rock and roll look that matches their glam rock music. When they play, One Way Ticket, the audience jumps around energetically and screams the lyrics back to the band. It’s extremely fun to hear the entire audience sing falsetto during “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”. In fact, it sounded really good along with the fantastic guitar solos during the song.

For the encore, Justin returns wearing a full Cubs jersey. He comments on how now they need to win four straight and then will reach their “sports achievement”. He then proceeds to climb up on the speakers and stage dive into the audience. Who needs a baseball team to win when The Darkness are victorious every night?! Catch The Darkness, all the way from the UK, on tour in the United States now!

Quinn Delaney

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