Fanstastic! The Royal Concept and Parade of Lights at Subterranean (November 19, 2015)

Parade of Lights hit the stage at 8:30pm. It’s an all-ages show tonight thus the show must end at 10pm. Also, there is still another band after them. This means it’s all business and they get right to it playing anthemic tracks from their album, Feeling Electric. It feels like catching a huge stadium act playing a secret show at a small club. The synth pop songs have everyone singing and dancing along excitedly. As they play their last song, “Golden”, the crowd goes nuts and tries to soak in as much Parade of Lights as possible. They left us wanting much more, and it’s clear they’ll be back playing bigger and bigger venues as fans discover this impressive band.

The Royal Concept, from Stockholm, Sweden, are happy to be in Chicago. Playing a packed house at Subterranean is a great fit for them. Their indie dance rock gets the crowd going when they open with “Goldrushed”.  It’s instantly evident that Parade of Lights was a great choice for tour mates as their fun filled songs go together like peanut butter and jelly. They play tracks from their album Royal and EP Smile and they all sound like hits. 10pm approaches way too quickly and there is only time for one last song. The crowd requests “Radio”.  Although they haven’t played it in a while, they happily oblige and play it fantastically with everyone singing along. It’s a great finale to a night of excellent music. Catch both of these bands on tour in small venues now while you still can!

Quinn Delaney

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