Broadway in Chicago Presents Sherlock Holmes at the Oriental Theatre (November 24, 2015)

David Arquette stars as the title character Sherlock Holmes running at the Oriental Theatre through November 29th. He is best known for his acting in films such as Scream, Never Been Kissed, and Eight Legged Freaks. His characters in these films have a quirkiness that he brings to his performance as Sherlock. He often turns to the audience as he deduces another key aspect of the case with a cheek to cheek smile. One time he even follows his line saying “Dun dun dun!” The audience laughs with pleasure.

In the second act, Holmes is drugged with chloroform.   An exciting tripped out number follows featuring spinning spirals, strange music, devilish laughing, and unusual dancing. In another scene they are riding on a train when suddenly the whole stage goes pitch black. When the lights return, the characters comment how terrifying it is to plunge into darkness as they travel through a tunnel. This effect is used repeatedly and expertly in dramatic fashion to get the audience on the edge of their seats.

Overall, it’s a very unique and humorous take on the Sherlock Holmes character. Catch the show in Chicago this week only:

Quinn Delaney

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