Broadway in Chicago Presents Gotta Dance at The Bank of America Theatre (December 28, 2015)

Georgia Engel stars as Dorothy, the leader of the seniors dance group scheduled to perform at NBA halftime shows. You may recognize her as Mamie from Hot In Cleveland. As in that TV show, this performance is mostly geared towards an older audience. There are a lot of puns such as naming the group RUN DM-Seniors.  There are many scenes of the seniors giving life advice to the youth. Also, most of the music is of style from the 50’s.

The best part of the show is when Engel leads the dancers as her alter-ego, Dottie. Hip-Hop dancing and music are right up her alley. She even raps with grace. Even though seniors dancing is the basis of the show, it still seems only sprinkled throughout the two and half hour performance. Instead of focusing on the drama between the dancers, it would be much more interesting to see the drama of learning to dance a modern style late in life.

Gotta Dance at the Bank of America Theatre through Jan. 17th

Quinn Delaney

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