Informative and Funny! You’re The Expert at NerdMelt Showroom

You’re The Expert is a Boston based NPR show that features three comedians trying to guess what an expert studies. Tonight’s episode features an expert on octopus defense methods. One of the methods is called inking that reduces their predators’ ability to see and smell. They also can change color and texture to blend in with their surroundings like a chameleon. The most fascinating defense tactic is their ability to disconnect one of their arms and swim away. The arm will grow back in time.

The comedians tonight are Scott Adsit (30 Rock), Emily Maya Mills (Parks and Recreation), and Josh Sharp (UCB). Josh not only wins the game, he also is the most entertaining person on stage. He has a very quick wit and is a great match for this panel game. The entire show is very informative and funny. Fans of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me will love it. Subscribe to You’re The Expert now! (

Quinn Delaney

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