Standup Showcase! The Meltdown at NerdMelt (January 20, 2016)

To start the comedy show, they blast 90’s songs such as “Ignition (Remix)” by R. Kelly and “My Name is Jonas” by Weezer. It’s so loud you can’t talk to the person next to you. All you can do is listen and sing along. The music drops out a few times and the crowd continues to sing a capella. It’s quite successful in getting the crowd warmed up.

Emma Willmann describes the trouble she has when introducing herself. If she says her name quickly, it sounds like “I’m a woman.” To which people respond, “Umm, we were pretty sure you were female.” That is so funny and awkward. Even more strange is her story about her mother finding her James Deen dildo. “What is this?” she says. “It’s a dildo,” Emma responds. “Is it for you?” “It’s for my girlfriend.” “If it’s for her, shouldn’t she get to choose the size?” Emma comments to herself, “Wow. How did you just Mom that situation?” Everyone is laughing as the tension is finally released!

Drew Michael’s comedy is for psychos. He says if someone comes up to him after a show and says they really liked his comedy, he wonders what is wrong with them. For example, he is bummed out when he hears about a school shooting. They always kill themselves at the end, and the shooter would have liked his comedy. “There goes an album sale,” he says.

Bobcat Goldthwait and Noel Fielding also dropped in unexpectedly and riffed for quite a while. Bobcat repeatedly asked everyone not to tweet the details. You just had to be there. Catch The Meltdown every Wednesday at the NerdMelt showroom!

Quinn Delaney

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