Make Love Not War! The Dodgers at The Hudson Theatres (January 23, 2016)

“White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane plays as two actors enter the stage to start the play. Mick begins playing acoustic guitar as Patti smiles. A strong scent of incense is in the air. The set is fantastically designed in a hippie 60s style along with everyone’s wardrobe. As the group talks and play music together, the audience feels like they could be friends with them. Thus, when we find out two of them have been selected by the draft lottery, we fear for their futures.  Nobody wants to be a solider in the Vietnam War.

Immediately, they begin to search for ways to dodge the war. A doctor offers Mick a powder he can use to make his urine test positive for kidney cancer in exchange a night of sex with Patti. Mick is torn over whether he should ask her. The emotions are heavy and the cast expertly expresses them as they struggle with these moral dilemmas. This leads into a fantastic scene where one by one they join in on a jam of “Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones. The sentiment of the song perfectly matches the actions on stage. Also, the choice of “Sympathy For The Devil” is an excellent choice for the curtain call full of applause and smiles in the crowd. Make love not war with The Dodgers at The Hudson Theatres starting on January 30th!

Quinn Delaney

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