Attention Urban Bikers! Go see Ride at the Den Theatre (March 17, 2016)

Ride is the story of a small bicycle shop in Uptown and what happens after the owner is killed while biking. The owner’s brother (Danny) and sister come to the store after the funeral with the intention to sell the place immediately. The mechanic (Quill) claims to own 50% of the shop and she convinces Danny to accept a bet. If he can beat the sales from the last quarter, he can have the store. Otherwise, she takes over as full owner.

Danny transforms from a stodgy corporate architect to an urban biker while working at the store. In the funniest scene, he enters the shop in a fuss. He was biking along the same road as a pickup truck who intentionally kept driving too close to the parked cars for him to pass easily on the right. He would pass the truck at each stoplight on the left and then get passed again shortly after. Quill asks what color the truck was. “Red”. “There’s a red truck out front now. The driver looks angry, and he has a gun!” Quickly, the brother dives behind the counter. Quill busts out laughing. Nobody is out front!

What will happen to the bike shop? Will bikers gain respect from motorists on the road? Find out now at the Den Theatre through April 3rd.

Quinn Delaney

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