Intense Crime Drama! In A Little World Of Our Own at The Den Theatre (March 20, 2016)

Susan Monroe has been beaten and left for dead. Ray and Richard were the last ones to see her. Ray called an ambulance and left before they arrived. She is now laying in the hospital, unable to speak. Ray says it was a Catholic guy named Michael who did this to her. Richard, who is mentally challenged, gives inconsistent stories. In one he blames Michael, and in the other he blames Ray.

The acting is excellent as we are drawn into the characters’ lives. We are at the edge of our seats as the intense drama builds and the stakes gets raised. What really happened? Who can be trusted? Or, more importantly, who will take the blame? Find out now at Irish Theatre of Chicago’s In A Little World of Our Own at The Den Theatre through April 10th.

Quinn Delaney

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