Blinding Lights! Atlas Genius at Bottom Lounge (April 12, 2016)

Atlas Genius has a large lighting system that is fit for a large outdoor stage. It would be right in place at Lollapalooza. However, at small venue like the Bottom Lounge, it is way too much light. It completely blinds the audience. After a few songs, people move to the sides of the stage to avoid the onslaught of lights.  However, even on the sides, the lights occasionally shine directly into their faces. It’s impossible to relax and enjoy the music. The lights should be pointed away from the audience, stop being used all together, or give everyone sunglasses!

On the music side of things, the highlights of the set were from their 2013 album, When It Was Now: “If So”, “Back Seat”, “Symptoms”, and “Trojans”. The new album isn’t quite as catchy and fun as these songs. They also included a few R&B covers: The Hills by The Weeknd and Hotline Bling by Drake. They do a great job transforming these songs to a rock style. Catch them in Chicago again at The Taste of Randolph where the lights surely won’t be an issue!

See the full setlist here.

See the PlaylistHQ page here.

Quinn Delaney

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