Fantastic! Magic Man and The Griswolds at Metro (April 23, 2016)

The crowd lined up early for tonight’s all ages show. The youngsters piled in close to the stage which left if it unusually comfortable further back for a sold out show. The Griswolds took the stage and quickly got the crowd riled up with “16 years”. “Chicago sure knows how to party”, said the lead singer. With his bright red hair and exuberant style, he resembled Animal of The Muppets! “I’m already exhausted after four songs!” Thankfully, he had an extra reserve of energy and he continued to rock the stage. Each song had the audience dancing and singing along. All of their songs are expertly crafted. The entire album, Be Impressive, doesn’t have a lull. Thus, the same can be said for their splendid set.


Magic Man had a lot to live up to following the Griswolds, and they succeeded. They received an early local boost as the news that the Blackhawks had won and forced a Game 7 spread through the crowd. Their cover of “Dancing in the Dark” by Bruce Springsteen was excellent. All it needed was Courtney Cox dancing of the stage to be perfect.  They closed the set with Paris, which was clearly a favorite of the crowd. Everyone happily sang along “Paris! You know I held on too much!” They quickly returned for the encore, since they had to be finished by 11pm because of Chicago’s curfew laws. The Griswolds and Panama Wedding joined them on stage for Ignition (Remix) by R. Kelly, a Chicago native. It was a fantastic close to a great night of music.

Catch the Hotline Spring tour through May 26th in a city near you. Also, check out  all of Metro’s upcoming shows!

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