Standup Showcase! Sebastian Marx Hosts New York Comedy Night at SoGymnase Featuring Swann Perisse, Rachman Blake, Simon Palomares

Sebastian Marx, a former New Yorker now living in Paris, has started an international comedy show called The New York Comedy Night. He invites English speaking comedians traveling through Paris to his stand up showcase. He starts the show off with a joke about the French Language. He hypothesizes that is was invented during a game of scrabble when one of the players decided to end a word with eaux. “That’s now how you spell that word!” “It is now! And we’ll pronounce it with an o sound!”

Rachman Blake, from San Francisco, told a funny story about driving down to North Carolina to meet an old white woman. “And for those of you who don’t know, being a black man in the South is uncomfortable.” He had sex with her, just for the experience. He was very charming, and it seems he can win over anyone!

Swann Perisse, from France, did an excellent bit about phones running out of battery. Everywhere in the world they say it is running out of battery, but in the US, it is dying! “I can’t go out! My phone is dead!” she says very dramatically.

Simon Palomares, from Madrid, insisted that Spanish is actually the language of love, not French. He insisted he could order a cheeseburger in Spanish and make it sound sexy, and he did! He also said he can’t date women under 30 years old, they still have hope!

Overall, it was a great night of comedy. For ex-pats, it’s great to see performances in English every once in a while. It was a true international party. The price of admission is 10 euros, which includes one drink, of which most of them are worth 10 euros. It’s a great deal and The New York Comedy Night should be at the top of the list for English speaking Parisians and visitors.

Quinn Delaney

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