Poetic! Nude at The Hope Theatre (May 13, 2016)

Nude is the story of a young couple. They are introduced by a mutual friend and meet at a bar. They have an awkward first date. Time flies and they go to a party together three years into their relationship. He makes out with someone else. She gets brain cancer. It all happens very fast in this one act performance. Throughout the play, Fate narrates densely poetic. Before one complex line can be pondered, two more have been spoken.

The play is very intimate. The room consists of a small stage approximately 7ft by 7ft. 50 chairs completely surround the stage. Thus, the audience is right in the middle of the action. The actors do an excellent job in this small space with the dialog heavy play. The emotions are real and laid bare. The fourth wall is never broken.

Did he ever love her? Will she survive the cancer? Find out now at Nude at The Hope Theatre through the 21st of May.


Quinn Delaney


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