Darkly Hilarious and Thrilling! Blink. Theatre Presents Mr Kolpert at Lion And Unicorn Theatre (May 14, 2016)

Murder has never been so funny! Sarah and Ralf (played by Libby Rodliffe and Peter Watts) are having a dinner party. Only, this isn’t a normal dinner party. They continually make jokes that they killed Mr Kolpert and that his body is in the trunk in the middle of the room. They say their motive was just that they were bored! Their guests, Edith and Bastian (played by Kate Austen and Benjamin Victor), react quite differently. Mr. Kolpert is/was Sarah and Edith’s coworker. Edith jokes that she won’t miss him. Bastian, however, is disgusted by the joking and becomes more and more manic about it.


The cast of this exciting play is outstanding. Peter Watts is absolutely hilarious and charming. It seems completely possible that he has killed Mr Kolpert and yet everyone still wants to be his friend. Libby Rodliffe is a perfect match playing his wife. She is equally charming along with showing a potential for a dark side. Benjamin Victor has the tough task of playing the straight man amongst all this madness and he pulls it off with class. His complete rejection of the joking around makes the whole performance that much more funny. Kate Austen plays the innocent wife with a dark side to perfection. It’s impossible to tell whether she is joking about the dark things she mentions, which is an absolute delight!

Is Mr Kolpert in the trunk? Are Sarah and Ralf killers? Find out now in Blink Theatre’s thrilling production of Mr Kolpert at the Lion And Unicorn Theatre!

Quinn Delaney

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