Retro Soul! Bernhoft and The Shudderbugs at Schubas (May 15, 2016)


When Jarle Bernhoft first came to the United States from Norway, he was asked the usual question at customs: what do you do? “I’m a musician,” he replied. “What type of music?” “Soul.” The customs agent looks him up and down, a bit surprised. “Are you any good?” “Oh, I don’t know” Jarle shrugged. “You don’t know and you look like that and you came all this way?!”  The whole crowd laughed when he said this line. They all think he is very good and they are very glad he keeps making the trip to the States, and he proved it tonight by selling out Schubas on a Sunday night.

When Bernhoft plays one of his biggest hits, “Come Around”, everyone smiles and begins to dance. The song is so catchy and fun that they can’t help but move around. The same is true for “Cmon Talk”. The songs sound so familiar and yet so fresh at the same time. It’s a retro soul sound that he has perfected. It’s timeless and also global. The passion is real and Bernhoft will surely have a long career because of it.

Catch Bernhoft on tour now in the US!

Quinn Delaney

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