Comedy and Drama: This House Will Not Stand at Victory Gardens Theatre (June 22, 2016)


The lights go dark and Prince’s “When Doves Cry” plays over the speakers. The body of the French patriarch descends from the ceiling. He died mysteriously and now his family and his wife, Beartice, fight for control of the house. Beartice’s arguments with La Veuve (the widow) are a major highlight of the performance. They hurl insults at each with great flair “That’s why you could never hold on to a man!”

Also, her three daughters speak very lively to each other. They talk with such direct honesty which is only possible among sisters. Their conversation about their sexual desires gets quite a reaction from the audience. The sisters also dance to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce in a joyous fashion.

The dialog contains a lot of French mixed in with English. In addition to the glossary in the playbill, here are a few other French translations:

Oui – Yes (pronounced “wi”)

S’il vous plait – Please

Madame – Mrs

Bonjour – Hello

Selah – praise or meditation in the Bible

Overall, it was a very entertaining performance that mixed together comedy, drama, and history.  Catch This House Will Not Stand at Victory Gardens Theatre through July 10th.

Quinn Delaney

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