Brilliant Premiere! Chimera Ensemble Presents Hang On To Your Shorts at the Den Theatre (June 27, 2016)

Hang On To Your Shorts was the first production by Chimera Ensemble. It consisted of eight short plays that were presented back to back at the Den Theatre. All of the plays were excellent and show great promise for this new theatre company. The following reviews highlight the best four performances.


Saguaro is about a woman who dates a cactus. Whenever they fight, he doesn’t say anything. “So typical!” she says. The cactus NEVER says anything! The actress treats the cactus as completely human and this absurd concept makes this short play hilarious.


Logan and Milwaukee: The Logan Square Farmer’s Market is about two men fighting over the best location at a farmer’s market. One of men is a terrible guitar player and the other plays the triangle! The songs they sing are absurd and  hilarious. These two performers must have rehearsed these songs many times to not bust out laughing after singing such ridiculous lines.


A Modest Proposal is about a couple in which the man is keeping a big secret. The man is worried that he isn’t living up to his full potential and is sleeping with lots of other women and is determined to sleep with more. The woman is shocked when she realizes he is cheating. The man insists that they don’t talk about her feelings, but instead focus on him! This leads to his insane proposal of, “Will you marry me tomorrow?” She responds “I can’t. I have to sleep with so many men!”

High Speed Disconnect is about a couple going on a first date while talking on their phones the entire time. They hardly say anything to each other and instead narrate their date over the phone. “We just met. Ya, she’s hot!” “He never talks to me. He’s always on the phone working!”

This new group showed a great deal of promise with this brilliant premiere. Catch Chimera Ensemble next in Sister Cities from August 20th to September 18th at the Den Theatre.

Quinn Delaney


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