Political Comedy! Slate and The Second City Present Unelectable You at Up Comedy Club (August 14, 2016)

The Second City often teams up with other organizations to create unique material by merging their talents. Unelectable You is the product of a collaboration with Slate and the material displayed in the show does not disappoint.



In one segment, Obama is listing off his accomplishments and then simply says “You’re Welcome!” The actor’s impersonation of the President is excellent. Another segment explores the original Trump/Pence logo. The designer of the logo is a stoner and discloses he was hired through Craigslist. The audience views a few other logo ideas that didn’t make the cut. These other logos took the idea of the Trump T having sex with the Pence P to a whole new level and the crowd ate it up!


The crowd is then lead on an exploration of the possible outcomes of the election. What if we build a wall, but then Mexicans learn how to fly?! What if we pulled a random member from the audience and had them run for president? Would he be able to get past the story of giving a pair of his mother’s underwear to his teacher? (You had to be there). Will you always have to walk up an escalator to get to the theatre?


Fans of The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Real Time with Bill Maher, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will certainly enjoy this show. The same is true for fans of Slate and The Second City who have created a smart, funny, topical show that allows us to laugh at this crazy election.


Get your tickets now for Unelectable You through August 28!

Quinn Delaney



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