Enjoyed By Humans! Barrel of Monkeys Presents That’s Weird, Grandma at the Neofuturanium (September 19, 2016)

That’s Weird, Grandma is an ever changing collection of stories written by CPS students and then performed by their teachers. One of the best plays tonight was called The Darkness. Here is an excerpt from the story: “The bear scratched Donald Trump’s face off. And then ate his bones. And then he ate the blood and skin for dinner. Then Donald Trump has his death.” They turned this into a dark horror play which had everyone laughing.


Another story was titled U Can’t Win. Again, here is an excerpt: “D: How many shoes? H: What is the rest of the question? D: That is the question. H: OK, 7. D: Sorry, the answer is 9 because U Can’t Win! (Audience Cheering)”. The questions and contests just get more silly from here. They actors all play cartoon sized characters to the audience’s delight. They definitely captured the intent of the students writing and it resulted in a hilariously bizarre play.

Catch That’s Weird, Grandma every Monday at the Neo-Futurarium! Get tickets here.

Quinn Delaney

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