Nostalgic! Broadway in Chicago Presents Cheers Live On Stage at the Broadway Playhouse in Water Tower Place (September 21, 2016)

Cheers Live on Stage is based on the first season of the Emmy Award Winning show. To introduce you to the characters, a lot is pulled from the pilot. So, don’t watch it ahead of time if you don’t want to know what happens. They did an excellent job recreating the set. It looks just like the show. One of the best parts of the live experience is seeing each character enter the stage for the first time. Just like in the show, the audience cheers when a main character enters for the first time.


The nostalgia itch is definitely scratched by this show. The actors do a great job recreating the characters. The interactions between Sam and Diane build up the great “will they or won’t they” tension. More recent TV couples surely drew from this relationships, such as Jim and Pam or Ross and Rachel. When the show ended, the audience was left wanting more. There are 10 more seasons to draw from, therefore, many sequels are possible!

So come on down where everybody knows your name and see Cheers Live on Stage through October 23, 2016!

Quinn Delaney

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