Top 10 Moments in Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding at Chicago Theater Works (October 8, 2016)

(Listen to this song while reading the review)

Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding is a night of all the best parts of a wedding without any of the stress of an actual one. Here are 10 of the best moments.


  1. Sing along to and listen to the future nun belt out “Jesus Is Just Alright”. Don’t sing during her solo though! By the way, Robert Randolph’s version is great too (this is the song at the top.)


  1. Score drugs from the best man.


  1. Eat bottomless pasta, salad, and cake.


  1. Slow dance to Prince’s “Purple Rain” as sung by Donnie Dulce.


  1. Catch the bouquet or the garter.billy-minshall-as-father-mark-hannah-aaron-brown-as-tina-alisha-fabbi-as-sister-albert-maria-and-mitchell-conti-as-tony


  1. Beat up the drunken ex of the bride.


  1. Dance to YMCA, the chicken dance, and join the conga line!


  1. See the priest get loaded and slur through his blessing.


  1. Witness Tony almost get in a fight with a random driver while blocking traffic on the walk from the church to the reception!


  1. Watch the nun close out the show by singing Last Dance by Donna Summer!



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Quinn Delaney

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Moments in Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding at Chicago Theater Works (October 8, 2016)

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